(Español) Ciudad Mutante

Casa de la Moneda. Fisher Pavilion
Segovia 2018

Ayuntamiento de Segovia
IE University of Architeture and Design
COTEC Fundation
Escuela de Arquitectura y Educación (EAE)

Ie University of Architecture and Design Director
David Goodman

Segovia City Council
Claudia de Santos
Eduardo Sánchez
Vanessa Pérez

Fermín Blanco

Didactic Support
Santiago Atrio
Sistema Lupo

“Load Testing”
Alumnos colegio CEIP Domingo de Soto. Segovia
Profesor Juan Alonso


Info & Pictures

Ciudad Mutante is the new proposal of the Ying Yang project, a didactic and experimental project based on the use of wood as a constructive material. It takes place every year in Segovia under the direction of the architect and educator Fermín G. Blanco in collaboration with IE School of Architecture and Design, the IE University School of Architecture, and the City of Segovia.

A small city, made with pieces of wood in an abstract way, is the original assembly designed by students of Architecture of IE University, with which you can interact and that has been raised in the Fishing Pavilion of the Casa de la Moneda de Segovia .

The students have designed and assembled this installation where the dynamics of the design, the project, the execution and above all the collaborative work are mixed, but in this case a new ingredient has been introduced that makes the experience even more interesting, work with and for childhood.

Ciudad Mutante is “an educational project based on the power of the city as educational material”. In this sixth edition of the Ying Yang project, IE students have explored the structural and constructive possibilities of the city and have created a project aimed especially at young people.

Through an active didactics, the students of Architecture have proposed and built a playful installation designed with potential educator in order to propose a series of abstract structures that will give rise to different topographies generated by the participants themselves, also proposing different spaces where experience the different cities within the same city; the high and low density, the historic city, the widening or the informal city that in this case is represented by a mountain of blocks like Central Park from which children can obtain the necessary material to continue completing their mutant city.

The elementary school students of the CEIP Domingo de Soto will be in charge of doing the first “load test” during the days 17 and 19 of October in the Fishing Pavilion of the Casa de la Moneda.

Apart from this, “Ciudad Mutante” may be contemplated in the segoviana mint until its transfer to Madrid next month, where it will participate in the festival on innovation # Imperdible_03, to be held on 23 and 24 November. This festival, organized by the COTEC Foundation, will celebrate twenty activities that will focus on the great challenges of 21st century cities. A meeting where the main educational innovation projects will be made visible and where architecture will be very present in virtue of the theme that will be the focus of the meeting; cities and innovation.

# Imperdible_03 aims to demonstrate that cities are living and innovative organisms. Its objective is that citizens can fix their attention and feel the transformations of cities, focusing on innovation and how it can contribute to making cities more human.




Elena Ceribelli, Ka Wah Francis Cheung, Mathew Sean Conrad, Gonzalo Coronado Maceda, Jan Danielle D´Cruz, Tomomi Dambara, Ana Corina de la Fuente Blanco, Anita de Rosa, Hoang Do Xuan, Derin Evcim, Mikhail Frantsuzov, Neha Goel, Ujal Gorchu, Camila Harasic, Aaron Joseph Nicolai Hesse, Abla Kharroubi, Ngai Lam Ellen Lau, Paula López Vallespir, Gauravkumar Nawalgaria, Ruchi A Patel, Adrián Paz Sanz, Manuela Peláez Hernández, Norma Pérez Castilla, Deveshree Sandeep Sawant, Nouhaila Zergane, Claudia Nicole Pitti, Santiago Otero.

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