David Guiti谩n Fidalgo
Marcos Tello

Luis Miguel Fern谩ndez L贸pez

Haro (suelo de corcho)
Anygar (mobiliario)
Mucarce carpinteros (mobiliario)

Estudio Fermin Blanco


Description & Pictures

Nenoos furniture series is a response to a specific request, a line of furniture that should be the image of a low cost franchise based on non-formal education workshops. The educational method based on the use of the abacus and other activities of both mental and sensory motivation required tables for children 3-5 years and others for older (junior) from 6 years.

We work with the brand since its inception and we have accompanied its rapid growth, this experience has allowed us to see the needs and adapt the process while the evolutionary requirements of the firm itself. In two years it opened 20 franchises nationwide and the systematization of production, delivery and assembly has been a challenge for the office.

The series is based on a standard table for junior, one for kids, front desk, slate and chandeliers. General criteria of aesthetic character are also marked in each center to ensure maintenance of corporate image inside the classroom.
All set that integrates a local is made of chestnut wood with certified origin and is complemented with a cork floor maintaining the ecological footprint defended by the firm.

All furniture is designed for a flat shipping and easy assembly on arrival by the franchisee.

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