Sistema Lupo

Team members
Luis Miguel Fernández López
Borja Díaz Carro

Carolina Queipo

Legal advice / Patent
Alvarez Real


Social commitment

Alex del Río
Veronika Horbelt
Javier Salcedo
Estudio Fermín Blanco
Zamora Románica
Archivo Eduardo Chillida
Archivo Jose M.Elosegui
Archivo Los Carpinteros



Description & Pictures
Lupo is a teaching tool developed by a group of professionals interested in education. The team behind SISTEMA LUPO is heterogeneous and always open to new collaborations.

Lupo comes linked to a patent designed by architect Fermin Blanco, is a construction system based on a set of seven pieces proportional to each other that allows to build endless forms. Depending on the material and scale, lupo adopts different characteristics.

This way we have different products tailored to specific needs, whether for group work and large-scale (Super Lupo and Timber Lupo), household sizes (Eco Lupo or Lupo Plot), the DIY “do it yourself” Lupo, the Digital Lupo in a virtual environment without scale or the soon to be realesed Lupo Ñam, first edible lupo.

They are the result of collaborations with various institutions, companies, universities or research laboratories within a line of experimental knowledge presiding the Lupo experience.