Matrioska Project

Family workshop with Idoia Cuesta
Fundaci贸n Luis Seoane. 2015

Idoia Cuesta

Sistema TELAR

Nacio Quir贸s

Patricia Amil
David Antu帽a

Eva Aller
Estudio Fermin Blanco

Borja Diaz

Memoria & Fotograf铆as
The education in museums is an issue that occupies part of the energies of the study, the connection between art and society as recurring today and that each cultural center deals with vary in different degrees of commitment and use of own methodologies or imported. Casuistry, studied by researchers like Maria Acaso make us an unstructured panorama both nationally and internationally that in our case we approach from architecture.

The ability to maintain a continuing program since 2010 every Saturday organized in three quarters from October to June, can maintain continuity and evaluation in a progressive growth, thus each course try to create new workshops to maintain the enthusiasm of the participants.

At present we have two groups Em-pieza (children 6-8 years) and Des-pieza (9 to 11).
Similarly we try to interact with the exhibits and programs displayed in the Luis Seoane Foundation, opening the possibility for children and families to interact with the artists and in this context arises MATRIOSKA PROJECT.

A family workshop where we work with the concepts of scale, teamwork, creativity, craftsmanship, technical… For this we have the collaboration of Idoia Cuesta, specialized in basketry craftsman who designs contemporary pieces from traditional techniques. In this sense it is proposed to the participants (about 50, children and families) an intergenerational day on which to build a series of three structures of a traditional house so that all come into each like the traditional Russian dolls.

Each group chooses from the available colors and weaves a framework so that the entire assembly generates the final mosaic.