Signage BIC
Santa Cruz de Rivadulla,
Concello de Vedra, A Coruña

Latitude: 42°46’21.0″N
Longitude: 8°25’34.9″W

Team Members
Luis Miguel Fernández López

Graphic design
Rocío Martín Bernardo

Alex del Río
Estudio Fermín Blanco

Reparaciones Sinde

Pazo de Santa Cruz de Rivadulla


Description & Pictures
Design of the support for audio guides of the Santa Cruz de Rivadulla Manor in Vedra, A Coruña. The Manor of the sixteenth century is a Cultural Interest (BIC) that in addition to the building itself has ponds, waterfalls and plant elements of great interest where stand out camellias plantations symbol of the whole.

The design process of this piece leads us to introduce a completely industrial element made of steel in a BIC without distorting the environment. The dialogue between local industry, gardening and heritage has been the challenge addressed in this project.

The element that is introduced introduces a component in the path supporting the information in nine points. It is a support made entirely of metal with a small foundation in the form of treated wood stake nailed to the ground that remains hidden. The mobile, bright and colorful piece of technological appearance is handcrafted by Sinde, a local metalwork workshop, mainly dedicated to the repair and tuning of vehicles.

The support is adhered with anti-vandal stickers printed with QR codes that link to the information about the Manor.