Hay Festival

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September 2012

Alumnos aula de madera
Alumnos IE University

Andrew Lawrence. ARUP
Manja Van der Wrop. ARUP
Simon Bateman. ARUP

Laboratory INIA-CIFOR
Juan I. Fernández-Golfín Seco
Eva Hermoso Prieto
Juan Carlos Cabrero Rojo
Emilio Camacho de la Torre


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Concrete Lupo
Sika Group

Description & Pictures
This project was a participative workshop which formed part of the Segovia Hay Festival in 2012. It was proposed as a complementary activity and conclusion to the Timber Seminar which deals with wood as a construction material. This seminar was a result of a collaboration agreement between Ie University and the American Hardwood Export Council.

Its main objective is to show the properties of wood as a material that joins tradition and avant-garde in the  eld of architecture. This aim is achieved through education, in this case at university level, with students of architecture in their last year. For the present workshop, we propose two simultaneous activities in two singular points of the
city of Segovia; the Aqueduct and the Casa de los Picos Palace, the headquarter of he Design School of the city and one of the o€ cial venues of the Festival.

Both workshops used Lupo System´s own didactic technique and geometric forms. Lupo is a didactic tool patented by the architect Fermin Blanco, who is as the same time professor of Construction at Ie University and the coordinator of the Timber Seminar.

Other than creating a sculptural piece, in this case we propose a participative project where the process is as important as the  nal result. In fact, it is conceived of as an ephemeral architectural system, with an in nite number of uses. Dismantling the structure is also part of the workshop, after this it can be reutilized in any location and with any other form and objectives. The process of manufacturing, transportation, assembly and dismantling are explained graphically in this document.

The material proposed for all this activity, which can be seen as an art performance, will be wood, more speci cally, tulipwood whose properties of lightness, resistance and nish will be the protagonist of each step of the project.

Sequence of the construction of the aqueduct of Segovia replica.

Enneco Viana Cora, Darío Marazuela Gómez, Pablo Zapata García, Tulio José García Fernández, Elena Berrón Jiménez, Beatriz Rincón García, Sara Sanchez González, Ignacio Giménez Rebollo, Antonio Julián Sevilla, David Maria Sanz, Paula Álvarez García, Noelia Campelo Gutierrez, Ignacio del Pozo Marinas, Carmen Fores Pulgar, Cecila Marina Clavería, Leticia Merino García, Cristina Moreno Cabello, Andres Ruíz Martínez, Fernando Sánchez Arroyo, Ruben Tapias Canas, Laura Vallejo Ruano, Roberto Molinos Esparza, Nathalie Lagard, Carlota Isabel Espinar Mateo, Hadi Dernaika Talal, Olalla Monteagudo Teira, Kenza Bouzoubaa, Lucas Yung Woo Chung, Nadine Kabbani, María Julia Castaño Escorial, Ana Beatriz Tomas Escarrer, Simão Quintela de Saldanha Aguiam, Nicolas Grandjean