Real Ceiling


Ayuntamiento de Segovia
American Hardwood Export Council (AHEC)
IE University

Andrew Lawrence. ARUP
Manja Van der Wrop. ARUP
Simon Bateman. ARUP

Laboratory INIA-CIFOR
Juan I. Fernández-Golfín Seco
Eva Hermoso Prieto
Juan Carlos Cabrero Rojo
Emilio Camacho de la Torre


Security plan

Concrete Lupo
Sika Group

CNC Modelling
Elena Cardiel García

Description & Pictures
We have re-edited Yin Yang Project again from IE University in collaboration with the municipality of Segovia. The structure designed and mounted during the course Construction Systems III under the coordination of Professor Fermin Blanco, can be seen in the Mint (Casa de la Moneda).

“Real Ceiling” is the result of a workshop based on the use of wood in architecture. After the system approach, the team has been focused on two intensive sessions; a theoretical framework to open the discussion and the practical part to create and mount the structure during an eminently practical session.

The main educational goal of this experience is creating the proper atmosphere for teamwork, discussion and ideas debate. All of this by using wood, modular and removable systems and as a working tool.

Beyond the final solution, (as a result of different parameters) the importance here is based on the process. CONSTRUCTION as life, is a PROCESS.


Alexandre Gutiérrez, Bob Morand, Deiene González Uriarte, Erin Hunt, Isabel Espinar Mateo, Julia Castaño Escorial, Nadine Kabbani, Nathalie Lagard, Pablo Barceló Moreno, William Chami.