Wooden Pyramid

Casa de la Moneda
Segovia 2017

Ayuntamiento de Segovia
American Hardwood Export Council (AHEC)
IE University

Ferm铆n Blanco

Segovia City Council
Eduardo S谩nchez

Ie University Director architecture
David Goodman

Info & Pictures
Wooden Pyramid is the new proposal of the Ying-yang project for the year 2017. The project takes its name from the complementary vision that every element of nature possesses according to the Taoist philosophy. Each positive element has its own negative. With the principles that guide this theory and coordinated by professor and architect Ferm铆n Blanco, IE University architecture students have proposed a new installation in the temporary exhibition hall in Casa de la Moneda. In this edition the group has explored the structural and constructive possibilities of the pyramid as an architectural form. Three elements receive the visitor and each one of them has different levels of expression, the hollow pyramid of the positive blocks, the pyramid in negative and at last the inverted pyramid that changes the efforts and floats in a version that takes to the extreme the structural possibilities of the system.

This is the new installation of a project in continuous development and always surprising, this year under the title Wooden Pyramid. The origin of the project dates back to the installation carried out for Hay Festival (2012), thanks to the collaboration between Segovia City Council, American Hardwood Export Council and IE University. Since then, the system has been enriched with the proposals of the different students that each year receive the university. Through this installation they have been able to generate experimental pieces for the public, while participating in a formative experience in the always difficult relationship between theory and practice and the no less difficult task of teamwork.

In a world based on the immediate, the ephemeral, the snapshot of the instant, the consumption of images, the immediate waste, this project is presented as a “rara avis”, a calmed project that extends in the almost immortal time, that is remade, reinvented and that each edition changes in form and expression and always surprises.


Shance Bagos Taylor, Jose Mar铆a Casado G贸mez, Nicolo Sebastien Maria, Kelsey Cowle, Jorge Diez Arena, Yassmin Mahmoud Elsaid Mohamed, Cristina Garc铆a Galisteo, Laura Hern谩ndez Ramos, Tung Suet Hon, Silje Jessica Howard, Doyoung Kim, Mavi Deniz Ko莽ak, Nicole Lee, Romain Odin Lepoutre, Rodrigo Jesus Lopez Sobreviela, Claudia Maier Morillas, David Matto Rivero, Mikel Enrique Maury Arrue, Maria Isabel Moreno Repiso, Nicol谩s Salas Le贸n, Breanna Sheeler, Chloe Tam Ka Ching, Simon Po Kei.