Laxeiro Seoane. Crossroads

Laxeiro Seoane. Crossroads
1930-1950 Drawings
19 December 2018 – 17 March 2019
Luis Seoane Foundation
A Coruña
Luis Seoane Foundation
Silvia Longueira Castro
Javier PĂ©rez BujĂĄn
A Coruña City Council
A Coruña Council
Laxeiro Foundation
FermĂ­n GonzĂĄlez Blanco
Luis Miguel FernĂĄndez LĂłpez
Alba PĂ©rez FernĂĄndez
Chema Castrillo Neira
Estudio FermĂ­n Blanco
Grafic Design
Estudio enhe
SimĂłn PĂ©rez GarcĂ­a
Alba PĂ©rez FernĂĄndez

Memory & Photos

“Laxeiro is Dionysian and Seoane is Apollonian, in spite of everything, they complement each other and are, no doubt, two transcendental figures of Galician painting”. These words of Xulio García Rivas could summarize the reason for this exhibition which, for the first time and between the walls of the same house, brings together a large collection of drawings made by two of the most important and influential figures of Galician art of the twentieth century, who are responsible for dignifying and modernizing our plastic.
That’s why it was inevitable that their trajectories were crossed on this side of the world and beyond the Atlantic, in the vivid and intensive Buenos Aires of the Spanish exiles, connected already in those years by and extensive subway infrastructure that today serves us as a diagram to put in value those crossroads in the work of both artists.
As if it were a subway plan, the design of the exhibition invites the visitor to become more than a mere spectator and to play moving and creating with simplicity and total freedom his own itinerary through the more than 500 meters of lines that mark the established routs in order to reach a global understanding of the work of these two geniuses.


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