[Wall of Light] Invisible Exhibition

[Wall of light] Invisible exhibition
Intramurs [https://www.intramurs.org/]
October 2018 – October 2019
Fermín G. Blanco
Una Página en Blanco (Dolors Aparici)
María Bescansa
Luis Miguel Fernández López
Alba Pérez Fernández
Chema Castrillo Neira
Álvaro Gutiérrez
Laura Pastor
Macarena Trigo
Estudio Fermín Blanco
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Remember that things
they do not have the sense that dyes them.
Not even its form.
Remember to be of light.
We are the light.
His way in this world.
Just that
And everything else,
even you,
just decorated.
The seasoning.


Memory & Photos

All major cities have a history that, layer by layer, has been shaping what they are today, both in their form and, above all, in their background. Valencia has gone through so many different stages and experiences that one after another have been superimposed on its memory and urbanism, showing some of them more than others.
For many cultural, sociological, religious, political reasons…Remains of the time when it was the capital of a Muslim Taifa kingdoms are scarcely visible, and only by searching can we discover remains built from that period. And, nevertheless, it is indispensable to know it, since it is part of the character of Valencia (its people, its customs, its architecture…) and it is the only way to understand Valencia, especially if you live there
The action
The opportunity that the Festival Intramurs gives to Valencian people of taking part in the artistic offers and our own zeal for favoring the intervention of the whole world in whatever we plan, it has led us, Lupo System, to raising an action that allows to extract to the light these Arabic traces thanks to the participative cooperation.
The idea is simple: to illuminate among all the rout of the Arabic wall and to record, from the aire, this line of light. Carrying it out needs from many people and fa lot of desire. Almost 3 Km of lights taken to the street, to the roofs and to the courtyards by neighbors and institutions. An offer that allows everyone to become a part of something bigger, to feel that this past concerns us, to speak about walls that join and do not separate, ephemeral and nevertheless strong and unforgettable, to speak about taking care of what is part of our city, of our neighborhood and our own house and not let it fall into oblivion. Illuminate an almost invisible line.
A blank page, this small gallery, in the middle of the rout and next to one of the few remaining remains of the wall, it becomes the focus to publicize the action and the “power outlet” of the luminous project that within a year will involve the Muslim city.


Route Map