Lectures and class selection

Sistema Lupo: Learning by playing. Colaborative games as means for social cohesion.
Convegno Internazionalle sull’ Educazionne. MA XXI ROMA. January 2019
Industrial Pilpayu: education, game and patrimony.
I Congreso Internacional Noroeste de Altas Capacidades. Santiago de Compostela University. 2018
Mechanisms and Toys in Architecture.
I Bienal Internacional de Educaci贸n en Arquitectura para la Infancia y la Juventud. Pontevedra. 2018
Ludantia Association Presentation
I Bienal Internacional de Educaci贸n en Arquitectura para la Infancia y la Juventud. Pontevedra. 2018
Rethinking the School. Architecture, participation and community.
I Bienal Internacional de Educaci贸n en Arquitectura para la Infancia y la Juventud. Pontevedra. 2018
Educational places and materials y materiales in hospital pedagogy .
I Congreso Internacional Universitario y IV Jornadas de Pedagog铆a Hospitalaria. Madrid. 2018
Structural Engineering education integration experiences with national science museums during the VII ACHE Conference in A Coru帽a.
IV International Conference on Structural Engineering. Madrid. 2018
YING YANG PROJECT. Bulding on a large scale and their educational potential.
EUCEET. Madrid. 2018
We are what we produce. Lupo System. Sensible Material.
Ludic Architecture. IV Encontro Internacional sobre Dispositivos e Espa莽os Educacionais em Arquitetura. Faculdade de Arquitetura de Porto. 2017
Building in the Early Childhood Classroom
Men茅ndez Pelayo International University
Summer Course 2017: Games and Spaces as Educational Instruments
Constructions en route. Gaming devices in the public space
Medialab Prado. Madrid. 2017
Constructions in play. Encounter around the architectural toy
Medialab Prado. Madrid. 2016
Creativity and prefabrication. Open Classroom
Polytechnic School of Mieres. 2015
The search for utopia: The perfect piece
International Congress in Precast Construction. REDECON. Bangalore India. 2014.
Centennial of three great architects; Sota, Coderch and Fisac
Seminar. University of Las Palmas. 2013
Homage to Fisac 鈥嬧媔n its land and its centenary
Daimiel Museum. 2013
The depth is the air. The material, the constructive processes and their applications in the didactic
National Museum of Sculpture of Valladolid. 2013
Reinventing or bouncing
University of Viana. 2012
Secrets of Architecture. Architecture interpretation course
Luis Seoane Foundation. 2012/13.
The construction toy as a teaching tool
Cycle Snacks. IE University University, Segovia. 2011
Workshop on prefabrication in residential building
School of Arts Pablo Picasso. Coru帽a 2011
The Opulent Landfill. Talk and round table around the exhibition of the photographer Amador Eiravedra
Sargadelos Gallery. A Coru帽a. 2011
The bones of Fisac. The search for the ideal piece
Library Formats. A Coru帽a. 2011
Lupo system. Business Innovation
Trends & amp; Creativity Cluster of the Galician Graphic product. Santiago. 2010
Geometry and proportion in structures
International symposium in tribute to Ricardo Aroca. Polytechnic University of Madrid. 2010
Concrete Teachers. Miguel Fisac
Juliano Turriano Foundation and University of Granada. Summer course in Almu帽茅car, Granada. 2010
The architectural heritage of the 20th century
College of Architects of the Balearic Islands. Majorca. 2010
Archeological Museum of Daimiel. Daimiel market. 2009
The didactic game
Museum Cementos Rezola. Donosti 2009
Architects and engineers. Memories of the future
Weapons Room of the Pamplona Citadel. 2008
Prestressed concrete in architecture
Camilo Jos茅 Cela University. 2008
Innovation from manufacturing
Museum of the Seoane Foundation in A Coru帽a. 2007
Contemporary architecture in museums
Museum of Santa Cruz de Toledo. 2007
Hueco SA or the Catalan case
College of Architects of Vic. Barcelona. 2007
Story of a Beam
College of Architects of C谩diz. 2007
Fisac 鈥嬧婬uesOs Various
College of Architects of Barcelona. 2007
Vaquero Palacios na sua faceta de illustrator
University of A Coru帽a 2006