Form Finding. Frei Otto, a free man.

26 January 2017
Centro Galego de Arte Contempor谩nea
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Ferm铆n Blanco
Virginia Villar
Manu Su谩rez


On the occasion of the closing of the Cut Through the Fog exhibition, the CGAC organized a talk on architecture linked to the work of the artist Eva Lootz. “Ferm铆n Blanco will match the searches on the form, material and generative processes of a plastic artist with the production of an architect.”
True to the literal translation of his name, Frei Otto has been characterized as a free man in the exercise of his profession. His work and his thinking maintain a coherence throughout his career always diluting the boundaries between disciplines whether architecture, biology, engineering or sociology. All these fields interested and influenced him as well as the convulsive historical reality that he had to live in a broken and rebuilt, broken and reunified Germany that made him lose faith in consolidated, heavy and eternal architecture. From the hand of scientific thought he undertook an endless search for solutions full of ingenuity and efficiency, in pursuit of an ideal of light, adaptable and ephemeral architecture.
Through this conference a retrospective approach to the research developed by Frei Otto was proposed through the Institut f眉r leichte Fl盲chentragwerke (Institute of Light Structures) of the University of Sttutgart relating it to Eva Lootz’s interest in behavior, properties and expressive possibilities of the materials. Art, science and technology united by a plot that will bring us closer to the thinking of its drivers.