Laboratory Escóitasme?

21 – 28 March 2020
Zoom Platform
Monday to Saturday from 17:00 to 18:00 h
Fundación Luis Seoane
Fermín Blanco
Silvia Longueira
Guest artists
David Caraballal
Antón Lezcano
Maya Weinshof
Mónica Alonso
Juan de la Colina
Vicente Blanco
Eduardo Fernández
Isabel Risco
J.L. Ducid
Iria Martínez
Charo Belda
César Fernández Arias
Bárbara Long
María Vázquez
Cillas Rodríguez
Érica Esmorris
Carme Nogueira
Pablo Caridad
Teresa González
Ciuco Gutiérrez
Marco Moreira
Antonia López





The Luis Seoane Foundation offers an online activity through the Zoom platform so that children and families can share knowledge, interview The Luis Seoane Foundation offers an online activity through the Zoom platform for children and families They can share knowledge, interview guests and propose activities for these days of closure of the streets. The plastic work, thought and work of Luis Seoane are the engines of the Laboratory.
The activity lasts one hour, from 5 to 6 pm, and is carried out every day of the week except for Sunday. During this time, the children and families who accompany us work with texts and with plastic and editorial works by Seoane. They will be able to interview and speak with guests on topics such as poetry, design, creativity, history … Every day we work with the work of a guest artist, who will introduce us to his work and his way of working and at the end of the session will propose a challenge on which to work, and the next day we will all present our work and comment on it. The invited artists are as varied as the themes we work with, graphic designers, sculptors, photographers, cooks have already been here … But the most surprising thing is the creations of the small artists who accompany us every day!
We started on March 21st and we continue to be connected every day with new artists and increasingly impressive challenges. The activity is free and if you want to participate you just have to fill out the form, join us!