Hórreo interpretive center

Hórreo interpretive center
O Couto place.
Ponteceso town hall, A Coruña, España
Fundación Eduardo Pondal
Fermín González Blanco
Luis Miguel Fernández López
Alba Pérez Fernández
Ignacio Bescansa Bastarreche
Estudio Fermín Blanco
Mock up
Inés Soto Nogueira
Inés Soto Nogueira

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The hórreo object of intervention is property of the Archbishopric although at present its use is managed through the Eduardo Pondal Foundation, which has its headquarters in the Rectory House of Cospindo attached to the parish church and to the granary itself object of this project. The Foundation promotes a series of activities related to the work and figure of Eduardo Pondal and to the historical and cultural heritage of Galicia. In this line, the Council of Ponteceso itself and the place of O Couto are paradigmatic in terms of the presence of the number of hórreos and their architectural, ethnographic and cultural interest. Under these environmental conditions, the rehabilitation of the pre-existing hórreo and its transformation and use as an Interpretation Center of the Hórreo is proposed.
The hórreo has an eira treated with stone slabs and the entire complex in which it is located is surrounded by a stone wall. It is a Corístanco type hórreo, rectangular, narrow and long, which rests on an exposed masonry base, with corner stonework and hollows and with doors both on the ground floor and on the first floor in the southwest facade.
The tornarratos are continuous cantilevered and support the slabs of the granary that form the floor of the first floor. The chamber is entirely made of stone formed by horizontal rows of low-rise stone pieces, between which smaller ones are intercalated to form the ventilation openings, while at the corners they are reinforced with large, locked stonework.
The roof is resolved with a curved gabled tile. The stone windbreakers and the ornamental cross and lampion are placed on the end faces executed in stonework. The access is made through a single door with stonework jambs, in the middle part of one of the sacks which is reached through stonework steps that end with a large stone slab on a granite corbel.
Currently, the building has a main warehouse use both on the ground floor and on the first floor, therefore, we want a building of these characteristics to deserve a much more appropriate use given its special morphology, location and good condition. For all this, the proposal focuses on generating a small museum inside dedicated to the hórreo, an interpretation center for this typical Galician construction and specifically for the place, where a half-timbered structure is planned, forming tiers suitable for all. the publics where a video will be shown that invites visitors to get to know this type of construction typical of the place and also encourage everyone to visit the area.