Can you hear me?

An exhibition of the Seoane Laboratory
27 September 2020 – 21 March 2021
Fundación Luis Seoane
A Coru√Īa
Fundación Luis Seoane
Concello da Coru√Īa
Deputaci√≥n da Coru√Īa
Fundación María José Jove
Silvia Longueira Castro
Fermín G. Blanco
Guest artists
David Caraballal
Antón Lezcano
Maya Weinshof
Mónica Alonso
Juan de la Colina
Vicente Blanco
Eduardo Fern√°ndez
Isabel Risco
J.L. Ducid
Iria Martínez
Rosario Belda
César Fernández Arias
B√°rbara Long
María Vázquez
Cillas Rodríguez
√Črica Esmorris
Carme Nogueira
Pablo Caridad
Teresa Gonz√°lez
Ciuco Gutiérrez
Marco Moreira
Antonia López
Fermín G. Blanco
Luis Miguel Fernández López
Alba Pérez Fernández
Ignacio Bescansa Bastarreche
Patricia González Pérez
María Meseguer
Patricia Gonz√°lez
Alba Pérez
Exhibition assembly
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Memory & Photographs

With all the material made by artists and participants and with the pedagogical learning generated, we now propose an exhibition that includes the entire project, which encompass the two main rooms of the Luis Seoane Foundation.
On the ground floor, a perimeter of tables collects each of the proposals launched by the artists and the results obtained. They are works that were materialized in different formats, according to the choice of each participant.
Each artist will have their space, in which the proposal launched by each of them is explained; and the works of the participants will make up all the exhibition material. All this accompanied by Seoane’s works, which are the script from which they started, and all chosen because they have some relationship with the artist they accompany.
On the upper floor, a newspaper collects and travels day by day, through a news item chosen from those that appeared in the media, the time we were confined to our homes and represents the moments of uncertainty and chaos that arose throughout From this project.
A skyline, also on the upper floor, made up of colored lines, some of which descend towards the ground floor and from them the ‚Äúwords‚ÄĚ will appear with their respective creations generated during the 52 days that the entire project covered. Didactic activities based on the 25 challenges proposed by the artists will be carried out on this upper floor.
In this way, there will be an ‚Äú√† la carte‚ÄĚ didactic approach, both for school groups and for those visitors who wish to participate; this time in analog form.