Toy making beyond Fablab

Juguetoría is a project curated by Sara San Gregorio and founded in the fall of 2020 at Medialab Prado. It works as a laboratory for the design and manufacture of toys, in which a series of proposals and activities are promoted to turn the design and production experience into a fun, shared and meaningful experience.
Juguetoría starts by listening and asking questions to 5 game professionals who will bring the world of toys closer to the history of art, manufacturing processes, unstructured objects, the experience they can mediate or the revolution they can trigger.
In this case, the conference is based on continuous experimentation in materials, processes, techniques and production scales to which we have been adapting our game system: LUPO. In the exercise of adapting connectors, vertices, tolerances, their different versions of Lupo are succeeding while they learn and disseminate the materials and the philosophy that is under each technique. A project that constantly moves between the industrial and the artisan with the toy as a means and as an end.
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