Intrahistory of Architecture III

07 April – 09 June 2021
Centro Galego de Arte Contemporánea
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Wednesday from 19:00 to 20:30 h
Fermín Blanco
Virginia Villar
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“Everything that the newspapers tell daily, the whole story of the ‘present historical moment’, is nothing but the surface of the sea, a surface that freezes and crystallizes in the books and records. (…) The newspapers say nothing of the silent life of millions of men without history who at all hours of the day and in all the countries of the globe rise to a command of the sun and go to their fields to continue the dark and silent daily and eternal work, that work that, Like the suboceanic mandrepores, it lays the foundations on which the islets of History stand. On the august silence, he said, sound rests and lives, on the immense silent humanity those who make noise in History rise. That life intrahistorical, silent and continuous like the very bottom of the sea, it is the substance of progress, the true tradition, the eternal tradition, not the lied tradition that is usually found in the past buried in books and papers and monuments and stones “.
Miguel de Unamuno, Entorno al casticismo, 1905


The third edition of the Intrahistorias cycle will take us through new topics and also invites us to delve into others already discussed, following some recommendations and suggestions from the participants themselves.
Circumstances keep us in the online format, in this way every Wednesday the intrahistoric community will gather around architecture following our usual methodology to move transversely between art, politics, crafts, economics, aesthetics and education.
In this edition, the material will have a special role; glass, wood, ceramics or steel will be the protagonists through their transformation and creation processes in an artisanal or industrial way, depending on the case.
The visual language so present today will also be the object of analysis and debate. We will talk about the anonymous architecture, the author, we will sink into the hell-scratcher and we will rise into giants of steel, we will talk about light, color and transparency, the skeleton and the skins and also about the always suggestive but sometimes difficult integration of the arts, creativity and social commitment of a discipline that extends its capacity to influence our lives beyond the built piece.


07 April Autoproyectazzione. Tribute to Enzo Mari.
14 April Infiltrated Masters. The art of glass and its role in the decorative arts.
21 April Sargadelos’s laboratory of forms meets Xosé Vizoso.
28 April Inventor architects. Patents from architecture.
05 May Architecture and muralism; difficult relationships. From Seoane to Boamistura. [Debate session]
12 May ENSIDESA. Steel and modern movement.
19 May The architect’s house. Fernando Higueras by Lola Boitia and Alberto Humanes.
26 May Japan; Tradition and technology.
02 June The Forgotten. The silence of the one who knows.
09 June Signs that there is architecture. Archives and territories. With Elisa Gallego Picard.


The themes chosen are transversal to several disciplines, which seeks to encourage the participation of a heterogeneous public interested in architecture (but not specifically an expert in it).
We will try to integrate different media in the sessions and, in parallel, a third time will be proposed on social networks through the Facebook group “Club de Arquitectura”, moderated by Fermín Blanco.