Ludantia in Orbit. Conversations between Alfredo Hoyuelos and Fermín Blanco

The Ludantia Association presents: LUDANTIA IN ORBIT. It is a series of interviews, conversations and debates between agents of the association and other professionals in education, architecture, music, theater and other multiple disciplines, which orbit around Ludantia.
On this occasion, the delivery of Ludantia in Órbita is a conversation between Fermín Blanco, director of Sistema Lupo and agent of the Ludantia Association, and Alfredo Hoyuelos, a graduate in Philosophy and Education Sciences from the University of Navarra (1993) and a European doctor in Philosophy and Educational Sciences.
It is a meeting around the book by Alfredo Hoyuelos “Loris Maraguzzi: a pedagogical biography” and about the Reggio Emilia model.
Enjoy the full interview!
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