DIY Shelter

Ie University. Segovia 2011/12

Ruth Vega
Fermín G. Blanco

Paula Álvarez García, Isaac Dios Puente, Juan Gilsanz Saez, Carlos Prieto Pulido, Carmen Forés Pulgar, Elena Cardiel García, Gonzalo Merino Rivero, Juan González Montarelo, Álvaro Bravo Alonso, Clara Bueno Moreno, Pedro De Pascual Samper, Juan Moreno de Santos, Iñigo Arias Dávila, Cristina Moreno Cabello, Cecilia Marina Clavería, Tamara García Garrido, Vanesa Payo Frontela, César Gusano Merino, Leticia Merino García, Ana González Granja, Blanca Pérez González, Teresa Rodríguez Jimeno-Wiggin, Beatriz Fernández Gómez, Carmen Mencos Mora-Figueroa, Candela Oliva Varier


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This course aims to introduce the students to the theory and practice of component-based construction systems covering everything from the conceptualisation of the initial idea to the final product and understanding the materialisation of space and form, primarily from the point of view of the methods and processes that underlie its making.
Existing and commercialised component-based systems were studied and critically reviewed under the new possibilities that new advanced design and fabrication processes present to the building industry.
The workshop was focused on the design, manufacturing and assembly of a 1:1 scale small architectural prototype.

For this purpose, several manufacturers collaborated and donated some materials and construction systems which were used to design and build a real mock up. This implied a deep understanding and debate of issues such as the study of materials and components, modulation, fabrication, solution of joints and seams, transportation, assembly, performance and disassembly.