The Superfurniture

The Superfurniture
CPI Plurilingüe Santa Lucía
Moraña Town Council, Pontevedra
CPI Plurilingüe Santa Lucía
Fermín González Blanco
Luis Miguel Fernández López
Alba Pérez Fernández
Ignacio Bescansa Bastarreche
Leticia Zapata Medina
Alba Pérez
Mucarce [furniture]
Concello de Moraña


Memory & Photos

This project with the Santa Lucía Plurilingual CPI began after several meetings with the teachers, who participated in the Mestra de Obra program that we teach from Sistema Lupo. In these meetings, an action plan was decided to improve the centre’s facilities.
Throughout the course, didactics and work were carried out with students and teachers, in which the Council of Moraña also participated, through which conclusions were drawn on what measures should be taken to improve the center and as the most urgent project to be carried out, He decided to reform the bathrooms (ground floor and first floor) of the children’s building.
The state of the spaces forced the demolition of everything that existed and the replacement of all the facilities. In the ground floor bathroom a single space was created for all the children, separated from the corridor by means of the Superfurniture, an element designed specifically for this place. A multifunctional piece of furniture that provides storage service and hygienic and sanitary needs for the interior bathroom area, and that in the corridor area serves as a support classroom by being able to deploy table and chairs from its structure. Interior and exterior will be fully communicated both by means of game devices for boys and girls, as well as visually for the control of teachers and thus guarantee the safety of users.
On the upper floor, the space is freed, unifying the entire space in one with a central wet area, separate cabins and spaces for teachers and cleaning. The color together with the mirror design gives a whole new perspective to the whole.
In the ground floor corridor area, finishing tasks were carried out, giving the complex a homogeneous image instead of a patched appearance due to the successive works and unfinished elements. Among those elements left in oblivion in previous performances we find the space of the old mat, a recess in the finish of the floor that had been left empty. To solve this we created an element that would fit into the hole, a painted wooden mural reproducing a work by Luis Seoane “Unidentified Mural”, with the peculiarity that it is incomplete so that it is the teachers with the children who generate didactics and games completing the picture.